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Cagliari / Sardinia, Italy These 4 Sardines from Italy that comprise the wildest freak-beat combo of our our times… THE RIPPERS! These mod maniacs have been steadily pounding out trans-world punk rave-ups since 2002. Possessing the tightest chops of any 60s punks making music today, The Rippers RIP with speedy blasts of quality, high-octane European […]


Atlanta, GA At long last, SUBSONICS have descended again upon the denizens of the steamy rock’n’roll jungle with their first album in five years, “In the Black Spot” (Slovenly Recordings 702-112)! Subsonics have been called the “Best band in Atlanta” by fellow Georgians BLACK LIPS and for good reason: previous works by this beatnik, noir-punk […]


Vicenza, Italy Italian sophisticates SULTAN BATHERY chugs forth an undeniably creeped-out rhythm’n’blooze swagger, unrealized since the Bassholes’ warped take on the genre, and filtered through freaky arrangement & production that transcends typical retro-garage snooze for a cool, complicated, druggy take on European freakbeat sounds. Rugged stomp, swirling rave-up action and downer moodiness are all here. […]


SAN FRANCISCO, CA “Seth Sutton is useless eaters, a Memphis minimal garage punk rock n roll one man project turned band when he decided to start playing gigs and touring. He recruits other people for touring, but records and writes his own songs, so far releasing a tape and five 7″s since early 2008. Seth […]