GG KING "Unending Darkness" LP

[D SOD016] GG KING "Unending Darkness" LP

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In a time of turmoil and trouble, media blitz and the news replaced by numbered lists -- a time of ever-lengthier lifespans and shorter attention spans -- GG King triumphantly returns with Unending Darkness, the full realization of a midnight vision of dark ambitions and mediocre reality. Mature in the right ways, wonderfully punk in the others. Like an angrier, more effusive Greg Sage discovering nihilism, temporarily possessed by the chattering ghost of Bobby Soxx, a soundtrack to the two burning non-denominational churches throughout the tame hills of Oregon. A definitively punk album, still gleaning all of the worthwhile parts of black metal and reassembling them, conveying what the French call a certain ... I don’t know what. Featuring a more lush recording than its predecessor (by collaborator and partner Ryan Dinosaur), UNENDING DARKNESS finds GG King exploring the very metaphysical problems he’s described in passing in previous outings. It could be a concept record detailing the story of a man slowly resigning himself to an untimely end, or an absconsion into monkhood, or a life as a powerpop collector - there is probably no measurable difference in the fates. A rabid and unique taste in low-class music repurposed as something new and transcendent, like the roar of a DeLorean's engine after throwing a bunch of futuristic garbage into the flux capacitor. The sounds of lament, detestation, a charming bitterness. The barks of a neighbor’s dog, cowbells, xylophones. Like smoke billowing from a fire at a sex toy factory - ominous clouds that harken to something so profound and vaguely debaucherous that you feel the need to share it with the world. (Scavenger Of Death)