[D DBR105] THEE MIGHTY FEVERS "Fuck'in Great RnR" LP

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"Well fuck my ears if this thing isn't great. Decending from the same depraved Japanese Garage Punk royalty as greats like Teengenerate, the Registrators and Guitar Wolf; Kobe's THEE MIGHTY FEVERS check in with one of the most impressive debuts I've heard in a long time. THEE MIGHTY FEVERS are all about ugly riffs spittin' raw, savage Punk Rock toughness and they got no qualms about shoving their ferocious, Rock N Roll fuck fest down your throat. Their music is caked in the Pagans, Dead Boys, early GG and the Ramones and the whole thing sounds like a crackling, mess of Riff N Roll supremacy. They approach each song with damn near Hardcore velocity and the end result is snarling, feedback soaked, Rock N Roll filth from a band that you can tell has done their homework. 13 punishing blasts of Garage gutted Punk Rock. Teengenerate fans need." (Dead Beat Records)