THE SUEVES - Stare / Deal 7"

[DW GB150] THE SUEVES - Stare / Deal 7"

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THE SUEVES - Stare / Deal 7"

2 new tracks!!! Recorded by Spencer Johnson at Wright on Carroll oct. 2017
something like Night Kings in Trip with Baseball Furies !!!

"Chicago is clearly in the midst of a new rock’n roll revival, with floods of great new young bands ripping up the spots on a weekly basis, and rising to the top of that immense heap, are The Sueves. Punishing static hiss coupled with tough-as-nails riffs, careen down a belligerent groove, with immense, crushing noise that comes right to a halt, only to resume with even more thunder"
– -

Limited to 300 , issued with 3 different covers, the ones available here are the black and white covers