VARIOUS ARTISTS "Savage Kick Vol. 11" LP

[DW SKR511] VARIOUS ARTISTS "Savage Kick Vol. 11" LP

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VARIOUS ARTISTS "Savage Kick Vol. 11" LP

The Finest in Black Rock'N'Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Blues Bop, Early Soul Stomp, New Breed & Northern Soul Dancers.


Johnny Fuller - Mercy, Mercy
Jimmy Nolen - How Fine Can You Be
JB Lenior- Don't Touch My Head
Chico Lamar - Big Deal
The Edsels - Bone Shaker Joe
Willie Wright - Slowly Losing My Mind
Sonny Parker - I'm Hungry


Shirley Gunter- Crazy Little Baby
Billy Gayles- Take Your Fine Frame Home
The Fidelitys- Hold On To What Cha Got
The 5 Royales - The Slummer The Slum
Jimmy Sedlar - Shortys Got To Go
Texas Ray - Mary Ann
Little Arthur Mathews- I'm Gonna Whale On You