WARSONG - The Caravan 12" EP

[D SABO52] WARSONG - The Caravan 12" EP

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WARSONG - The Caravan 12" EP

With a name like "Warsong," I was expecting this Zaragoza outfit to burble through Discharge-clone songs about...uh, war.
Turns out they're a lean mean guitar riff machine. "Feel the Darkness' is a slow burning, guitar-heavy song that sounds like a Wipers outtake ca. 1979's "Is this real?" Warsong uses simple, direct guitar riffs and elegantly minimal bass, framing the infectious, chanted choruses.
This style was popular to the point of saturation in the States a few years ago, and I got burnt out on Wipers-syle punk around the time Portland's beloved The Observers broke up and the first Red Dons LP came out (ca. 2008). Warsong's pretty damn good, though, and if guitarcentric garage punk is yr cuppa tea, you'll prolly agree.(Drug Punk)