LES LULLIES "Les Lullies" LP (CLEAR vinyl)

[211LP-CLE] LES LULLIES "Les Lullies" LP (CLEAR vinyl)

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Repress on CLEAR vinyl, limited to 100 copies. Montpellier, France punk-beat-freaks LES LULLIES are back with The Slovenly Sound, swingin’ hard with the follow up to their impressive “Don’t Look Twice” EP, this time with their first full length LP: self-titled and hittin’ in all the right spots! Les Lullies know what they want out of rock’n’roll, and they nail it but good with ten tracks of Aussie punk styles a la FUN THINGS and the classic American riffery of REAL KIDS bowing down to make out with Little Richard’s ringed fingers, 100% geared for the dancefloor!