SLAB CITY 'Tall Can' b/w 'Milwaukee's Beast' & 'Hyna' 45

[702-60] SLAB CITY "Tall Can' b/w 'Milwaukee's Beast' & 'Hyna" 7"

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"SLAB CITY is a Border Town Band from Imperial Valley California that consists of a couple white dudes & a coupla brown dudes. With the stench of the Salton Sea and minds as polluted as the New River, Slab City will drink all your Caguamas and destroy your Pachanga." That's how these torta rockers describe themselves. I'd compare 'em to the Germs, the Spits, and AssCobra-era Turbonegro. Their debut vinyl, and it's a killer! Featuring everyone's favorite filmmakin' tour manager, Ernie, who has been seen recently behind the keys for The Spits.