THE OKMONIKS 'Party Fever!' CD

[702-70 CD] THE OKMONIKS "Party Fever!" CD

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When Slovenly offered to release a 45 RPM single for Tucson's THE OKMONIKS, they gave us 9 songs to choose from, but every song was a masterpiece of mid-60s organ driven frat dance bash a go-go and we just HAD to release it as the first ever OKMONIKS long player, "Party Fever!" With a history of trashy live perfection, led by America's sexiest garage -dame ,Helene 33, on the electric ivories (not to mention everyone's favorite rabbit-man hybrid NOBUNNY on drums), and a now-legendary stack of 7 inch sides under their belts, this LP was the obvious next step: an album loaded to the label with insane danceabilty, hilarity and speaker banging fidelty! Short and sweet, "Party Fever!" fully repeats on both sides of the vinyl so the action never ends. Available as a shiny 5 inch one-sided compact disc as well... Get yours TODAY!