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Two passes available:

available at the door each night …if available!

This is what we have finalized up to now:

  • Thursday 5 October 10pm warmup party in Naples
  • Friday 6 October 7pm Aperitivo / 9pm THE KIDS + more at Galleria 19, central Naples
  • Saturday 7 October 7pm Aperitivo / 9pm SHANNON & THE CLAMS + more at Galleria 19, central Naples
  • Sunday 8 October afternoon REVEREND BEAT-MAN… in a church! Wear your Sunday best.

    for We’re Loud + Funtastic pass holders:

  • Monday 9 October in or around Naples: to be announced!
  • Tuesday 10 October in or around Naples: to be announced!
  • Wednesday 11 October travel to Spain! We are investigating group discounts!
  • Thursday 12 October Funtastic Dracula Carnival welcome party* – Benidorm, Spain
    * not included with the pass! Entry is €15 at the door
  • Friday 13 October Funtastic Dracula Carnival welcome party – Benidorm, Spain
  • Saturday 14 October Funtastic Dracula Carnival – Benidorm, Spain


  • Trains to Naples:  Trenitalia  /  Italo
  • Boats to Naples:  Medmar  /  Tirrenia
  • Flights to Naples:  Skyscanner   (cheap flights with Ryanair, Easyjet, and many more!)
  • Lodging: find a place near Piazza Bellini and you’ll be really close to the action!
    hostels.com  /  booking.com  /  airbnb.com  < Airbnb is great for groups of friends! There are a lot of really BIG apartments in Naples with several rooms... sharing one of these is the best way to save!
  • more info coming soon!