BIZNAGA "Centro Dramatico Nacional" LP (RED vinyl)

[D HCR001] BIZNAGA "Centro Dramatico Nacional" LP (RED vinyl)

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Since the publication of their first "Demo" in 2012 Biznaga made clear that they were not willing to go through the stages of Madrid as one more band. A year later, with the "Biznaga EP", the quartet was already allowed to sign generational songs, authentic hymns of the underground like "Adalides de la nada", which was worth to them to join to the Demoscopicas Fiestas of Mondo Sonoro in Joy Eslava the Last February as the most outstanding and hopeful group of the time for this publication. Since then we were expecting this moment, the premiere of the first album that shows us some Biznaga agerridos and forceful as a punch to the jaw. The 24 minutes of "National Drama Center" - recorded by Pepe Tigruss at Tigruss Studios, mixed and mastered at Janowski Studios by Victor Saldaña, edited by Holy Crow, art by Néstor Sevillano and distributed by Gran Sol - confirm all the hopes put to They lead the band to a new stadium as one of the most exciting and sharp bands of the moment in our country, a fact that was more than confirmed after winning the contest MasTaste de Festimad, and the Radio 3 Award at Villa de Madrid. (Holy Cuervo)