DELMONAS "Do The Uncle Willy" LP (GREEN vinyl)

[D GH1113C] DELMONAS "Do The Uncle Willy" LP (GREEN vinyl)

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Fantastic lo-fi Garage U.K. all-girl band that preceeds Thee Headcoatees et al in bringing to the USA the unique and always brilliant raw garage of the Billy Childish saga. Reissue on random colored vinyl (orange, white, purple or green), 180 gram. Track Listing: I Feel Alright / Heard About Him / Farmer John / Can’t Sit Down / Uncle Willy / I Feel Like Giving In / Dangerous Charms / Black Ludella / I Did Him Wrong / Jealousy / Lie Detector / I’ve Got Everything I Need / That Boy Of Mine / Delmona, The Temptress Of Love. Green vinyl. (Get Hip)