THE YOLKS "Get Back" 7"

[D RNDY24] THE YOLKS "Get Back" 7"

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At this point it is safe to say that THE YOLKS are an institution in the Chicago rock n roll scene. Since their inception in 2006, they have been a force to be reckoned with, destroying party after party with their incredible live show, and releasing hit record after hit record. And 13 years later (!) the same three dudes are still at it, releasing yet another smash hit 7" record that is sure to scratch the itch for those who crave pure, unadulterated, Midwest rock n roll, or pine for the perfect punk rock party platter. The A-side, “Get Back”, might be the most punk song The Yolks have ever put out – classic Ramones worship via The Spits with just a touch of Coneheads/CCTV weirdness to round it out. If anyone ever did a remake of the classic 1986 sk8ploitation film “Thrashin’”, this song would be the top contender to replace Circle Jerks’ “Wild in the Streets” in the scene where The Daggers pursue The Ramp Locals in a high speed skateboard chase through the hills of LA. The song charges out of the gate full speed, never easing off the accelerator as bottles break and sirens scream in the background. Killer stuff!!! The flip-side, “Vampire” changes gears completely, showing that The Yolks love groups like The Ethiopians, The Wailers, and The Pioneers just as much as they love The Kinks, The Gizmos, or Booker T and the MGs. This is what it would sound like if the Everly Brothers had tried to play sixties rocksteady songs in a style palatable to American rock n rollers,. The brothers Johnson, Nathan and Spike, weave intricate vocal harmonies over a laidback, bouncing rhythm, creating a perfect folk-pop song that, while sounding familiar, is truly different from anything anyone else is doing right now. With this record, The Yolks prove yet again their ability to deliver hit records every time, all the time, as they have throughout their 13+ year career. Make sure you get your copy of what is undoubtedly another future classic , sure to be playing at the most radical and righteous parties across the world for years to come! (Randy Records)