ESQUERITA "Esquerita! Capitol" LP

[D NRESQ] ESQUERITA "Esquerita! Capitol" LP

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(Norton/Capitol 1186) Hey Miss Lucy / Why Did It Take You So Long / She Left Me Crying / Crazy, Crazy Feeling / Get Back Baby / Hole In My Heart / I’m Battie Over Hattie / Baby, You Can Depend On Me / Believe Me When I Say Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay / I Need You / Maybe Baby / Gettin’ Plenty Lovin’ Ball it up with the Voola’s super rare original 1959 Capitol LP! These are truly maddening sounds from one of the big beat’s greatest unsung heroes! Like the liner notes proclaim, “For the most stomping, all out rock n’ roll, Esquerita takes a back seat to no one. His sensational music, just like everything about him, is truly the farthest out that man has ever gone!” (Norton)