[D TTT049] USELESS EATERS "Daily Commute" LP
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”Oozing with sleaze, anger, and hooks (what could be more beautiful than that?!), this first proper album from Useless Eaters captures completely tape-fried 70's punk beauty by joining the musicality of the Stranglers and the Adverts with the snot-nose antics of the Lewd or Vomit Pigs. With the proximity effect of the Memphis scene circa 2003-2007. Compared to earlier output, Daily Commute has a beefier sound, though still culled from the same manic recording style. Content-wise, this is the direct result of being stranded abroad, weirded out and pissed off while readjusting from the sudden death of bandmate JAY REATARD. Hands down the most complete sounding and best assembled of SETH SUTTON’s output yet. Previous singles on Shattered, Goner, Goodbye Boozy and more. Highly recommended to anyone constantly blasting their KBD faves or UK D.I.Y. weirdo shit...this is a nice 'lil gem mined from those parts!” (Tic Tac Totally)