NOBUNNY "Love Visions" Box Set (6x7")

[D ARRNOB] NOBUNNY "Love Visions" Box Set (6x7")

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BACK IN STOCK SOON!! The ultimate edition of Nobunny's debut LP "Love Visions". The modern outsider punk classic is spread across SIX 7"s. Remastered from (as many) original source tapes/files (as possible), to polish these turds to maximum scuzzocity! Featuring a 21"x21" poster, a sticker sheet, and an insert/ lyrics / liner notes / history by the Nobunny himself. Five random copies of the Nobunny box set will contain an original stock copy of the Killed By Death classic - The Nubs - Job 7" (san francisco, 1980)- perhaps the punkest song ever penned. It's been covered by many, (new bomb turks, fucked up, secret prostitutes) but no one could ever hold a candle to the 1980 Nubs original. (Almost Ready Records)