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"Three big cover stories dominate Issue #31. First, we have the first ever major interview with Billy Harrison, guitarist and founder member of Van Morrison’s seminal R&B group THEM. Second: The Norton Records and Kicks magazine story; a celebration of a quarter-century of Norton with exclusive interviews and photos. And third: The Pleasure Seekers starring Detroit’s girl garage queens the Quatro sisters. All the scoop on this great group (and their hard rockin’ successors Cradle) illustrated by loads of gorgeous pix. Plus: James Williamson in the Coba Seas and the Stooges; a revelatory no-holds-barred interview with Prince Stash de Rola (swingin’ 60s confidante of the Stones, Beatles and others); a listeners’ guide to Wreckless Eric, Jimi Hendrix: The Dead Hendrix albums; Cleveland ‘60s punks the Missing Lynx, the 40 Fingers, surfin’ with the Sentinals, the final installments of our stories on the Masters Apprentices and Ollie Halsall, and lots more. PLUS our extensive review sections covering all the latest reissues, rock ‘n’ roll books and DVDs". (200 pages)