MARK SULTAN "Ophelia" 7"

[D ZOID01] MARK SULTAN "Ophelia" 7"
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MARK SULTAN's first release on his new Chompazoid imprint is an ode to one of the styles he's mined from and revered for ages. "Ophelia" is a garage rocker, with feet planted firmly in the mid-60s, while the flip "Believe Me" could be a Dutch mover from the same era. "My commitment to real rock n roll is as deep as ever, except now I have the means—a home studio (also Chompazoid) in Germany—to mine the sound, properly." Says Sultan, "I plan to have an in-house label, like the 45 factories I admired as a kid. Record here, make artwork uniform, make it all sound good and analog, befitting of the eras I'm aping." It sounds like he says. Sultan plays all the instruments on this great debut. Mastered by TIM WARREN. Label by JOHNNY SAMPSON. Sultan / Chompazoid also plans on releasing new and old recordings from his own bands, too, like Spaceshits, Sexareenos and King Khan & BBQ. (Chompazoid)