RUNNING "Asshole Savant" LP

[D CAPRUN] RUNNING "Asshole Savant" LP

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Chicago has been home to a vibrant noise punk scene since the early days of punk. The bands come and go without much notice outside the city limits, but occasionally there’s a band the world at large needs to hear. Running are that band you need to know. After a series of very limited tapes and a debut LP on Permanent Records, they are about to unleash quite the epic noise rock LP on Captcha Records, entitled Asshole Savant. Think krautrock-damaged punk on speed or maybe art-bent noisecore. Running are an incendiary blast of rock ‘n’ roll akin to smashing Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music into the Stooges and then smashing that combo into Suicide. Maybe the wall of noise and blown-out production of Running’s Asshole Savant isn’t up your alley, but songs like “I Can’t Believe I’m Alive” and “Kalehead” are the perfect mix of screeching feedback and thrashy punk. Crank up the volume on your half-broken thrift store stereo system and imagine you’re at a seedy warehouse in Chicago drinking beer with all your friends. LIMITED. INCLUDES FLEXI DISC. (Captcha Records)