SAMHAIN "Black Flame" LP (GREEN vinyl)

[D SAMBLA] SAMHAIN "Black Flame" LP (GREEN vinyl)

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PLEASE NOTE: Sleeves incurred some damage in transit. There are corner bends & mild dings to the sleeve. Vinyl is mint. Born out of the ashes of the Misfits, Samhain instantly became a tremendous live act. Having just released their first full-length album “Initium” in the summer of ’84, the band set out on their first tour and played a select amount of live shows to promote the new record. This LP features a crushing performance from the Jockey Club in Newport, Kentucky recorded on September 16, 1984. Samhain rips through new songs: “Initium”, “All Murder, All Guts, All Fun”, “Macabre”, “Black Dream”, “The Shift”, “Moribund”, & “He Who Cannot Be Named” as well as reworked versions of these Misfits classics: “All Hell”, “Horror Biz”, “Who Killed Marilyn”, “Halloween II”, & “Die Die My Darling”. This is the first time this recording is available on vinyl since it was last available briefly in the early 90s. This album is sourced from the original soundboard master. Comes in a sleeve featuring superb artwork. European import. Green vinyl is limited to 100 copies.