TROPICAL TRASH "Decisions' Empty Nest" 7" (LTD)

[D SLO087] TROPICAL TRASH "Decisions' Empty Nest" 7" (LTD)

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Latest material from Louisville's TROPICAL TRASH after a pair of 7"s and LP on Load. The budget production Decisions' Empty Nest is particularly endearing to the dark, angular arrangements spread across these four tracks. The synth and guitar trade spots up front in the mix, riding the high-end frequencies concurrently with a perfectly off-kilter vocalist. Tropical Trash take a blown out, totally negative approach to synth-driven punk in a way similar to what Lost Sounds established earlier in the 00's, though I can see fans of contemporary budget rock like Counter Intuits or FNU Ronnies finding favor with this sound. Edition of 300 with nicely screened sleeves. (Sophomore Lounge)