VARIOUS ARTISTS "Big Ol Bag O Boogaloo Vol. 2" LP

[D AND5902] VARIOUS ARTISTS "Big Ol Bag O Boogaloo Vol. 2" LP

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"Rarities, favorites, b-sides, unreissued gems, & more from the Speed and Ghetto labels. Whatever bag you're in, from Nuyorican shing-a-ling beats & funky bugalú breaks to raw garage salsa, we got the goods. Check out the especially soulful grind of "Hot Buns." ¡Caliente! A note on the cover photo: taking up where we left off in Vol. 1, the Rumba Kids are still jammin' on the corner of Bergen and 3rd Ave., but they have expanded their lineup to add Sandra Monsanto on flute, while another friend shows how to bang the skins. "Yogui" Rosario, the talented artist we met on Vol. 1, looks to Carlos "Pote" Ramos, who is keeping the beat with a pair of claves. This is the same Brooklyn Barrio where salsa empresario Ralph Mercado used to promote dances at the 3 In 1 & St. George Hotel back in the day. On the right, Charlie Rosario, Latin music's most unique album cover designer, is soaking up the ritmo guaguanco. From the famous psychedelic cover for Tito Puente's boogaloo album The King/El Rey to designs for cult favorites The Brooklyn Sounds and Orquesta Dee Jay, Charlie's groundbreaking approach to album cover design is an example to us all. To top it off, Charlie even worked for Ghetto Records" -Symphony Jim (Andale Records)